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Autism Information
  • House Bill 414 would establish a bill of rights for people with autism and required the Commonwealth to provide individualized community-integrated support.
  • House Bill 710 would create the Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Staff Member Loan Forgiveness Program to attract quality caregivers and combat understaffing.
  • House Bill 875 would establish the Office for People with Disabilities to make policy, procedure, regulation and legislation recommendations to the governor. It would also ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services.
  • House Bill 1024 would establish a state registry of individuals convicted of assaulting special needs adults, including neglect of care.
  • House Bill 335 would allow an individual who is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder to request a voluntary designation of his or her diagnosis on the driver’s license or state-issued identification card. This bill would alert emergency responders accordingly as people with autism can have trouble communicating with strangers, particularly in stressful situations. It would also allow anyone who is applying for an original or renewal driver’s license or identification card to make a voluntary $1 donation that would be used to offer education and training to working professionals about how to interact appropriately with people on the autism spectrum.
  • House Bill 626 would impose an additional $0.04 tax on cigarettes sold in the Commonwealth. The additional tax would fund the Adult Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Waiting List Account.
  • House Bill 702 would establish an additional $3 fee for all solid waste disposed of at the municipal waste landfill and establish the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Waiting List Account.
  • House Bill 628 would require each slot machine licensee to collect a $2 per patron admission fee to establish the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Waiting List Account.
  • House Bill 119 would call for a study of the implementation of Act 62 of 2008, the Autism Insurance Act.